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How to make retail therapy
good for everyone?

Sydney Women’s Fund

powerful collaboration
creating employment for women.

Support our Spring 2020 campaign assisting vulnerable women suffering family violence.

If Sydney were 100 women

My biggest fear is having to work into my
70’s and struggling to find real long-term work
beyond contract or casual positions.

Advocacy Research

How well do you know
Sydney Women?

Hopes Dreams and Fears of Sydney women

powerful and concerning
picture of the financial vulnerability of far too many Sydney women.

Are you in?

You can belong to a community of women who believe in her potential,
and yours!  Join Sydney Women’s Fund and help us invest, inspire and
create opportunities for local women and girls to thrive.

Here’s what you can be a part of…

Photo Credit: Yann le Berre Photography

Join forces with successful Sydney women
creating opportunities for women in need

Photo Credit: Yann le Berre Photography

Be inspired by our Stories of Change from
women and girls right here in Sydney.

Photo Credit: Yann le Berre Photography

Learn from Sydney’s women in leadership – how
they deal with challenges and success

Give girls and young women the freedom to
be and power to choose their own future.

Join Women Kind, an inspiring giving circle for Sydney business women.

Get your hands on our designer Tote and
make retail therapy, good for everyone.