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Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait III Research
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Join the leaders of Sydney and schedule a presentation of Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait III Research at your organisation.

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Why take the pulse of Sydney women?

Sydney Women’s Fund aims for every woman to have access to education, work, independence and belonging. As leaders, mobilisers and agents of social change the Sydney Women’s Fund Advisory Council hatched the plan to take the pulse of Sydney Women, capturing their hopes, fears and dreams.

In the year of #metoo, women globally have been calling for equity in every aspect of their lives. Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait III Research, co-designed by the Women’s Fund and led by Australian Social researcher Rebecca Huntley with Essential Research, gives a powerful and concerning picture of the financial vulnerability of far too many Sydney women. 82% of women told us they are finding it harder to live in Sydney than 10 years ago.

Underlying the struggle and divide between Sydney women is a lack of equity, with women fulfilling the role of carer, often at the cost of work and financial security, despite their education and desire to work.





The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal framework and call to action to end poverty, tackle inequalities and create more thriving and sustainable communities, have been adopted as the framework for Sydney Women’s Fund’s new evidence-based programs arising from the Portrait III findings.

This report highlights the strengths and challenges of Sydney women with the goal of creating community action. It is a call to action for policy change, investment, programs and advocacy to address these inequalities. Sydney Women’s Fund will respond through programs and advocacy to offer Sydney women most in need, the opportunity to build a secure, safe and comfortable life.

Ask yourself what can you do…through your work or personally?

We’re aiming to raise a dollar for every woman and girl. By funding the programs needed, we’ll enable our most vulnerable women to be supported with pathways to work and belonging, and to share equitably in all Sydney offers.

Please support our work for Sydney women and their families and with a donation to Sydney Women’s Fund.