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Independence is the ultimate goal for the people who lives are touched by Sydney Women’s Fund.

‘Place-Based philanthropy’ is strategic social investment for impact into a geographic area of entrenched disadvantage.

Designed to shine a light on the ‘forgotten’ suburbs and communities in the most disadvantaged local government areas and help reduce social problems that government or community service providers cannot effectively tackle alone.

This location focused granting seeks to bring together resources needed by the community to support the changes they wish to achieve.

With SCF and SWF support, we’ve seen one social enterprise become five, providing employment to people in need; a business skills class become a retail shop; at-risk youth become the first in three generations to finish school; young girls saved from prostitution and empowered to make better life choices; young boys coached away from gangs and taught how to have respectful relationships; long-term unemployed re-skilled; refugees, tortured and traumatised, gently supported to recovery and a new life in Sydney.

Women's Employment Scholarship (Image: The Social Outfit)

SWF X Ginger & Smart ‘Strong & Kind Tote’ collaboration with Parents Cafe Fairfield Inc and The Social Outfit.

“I believe the partnership we have formed with the Sydney Community Foundation and their donors has brought about enormous change in the community, it has empowered women, fostered community engagement and created community leaders."

– Pat Hall, Community Development Manager, Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections.

Pat Hall CEO LNC (left) and Carole Anne Priest Chair LNC

June Oscar AO (Image: Susan Papazian)

June Oscar AO delivers keynote at the annual ‘Empowering Women, Changing Lives’ breakfast at Parliament House, hosted by Sydney Community Foundation, Sydney Women’s Fund and the Keeping Women Out of Prison Coalition.

“We spend an estimated $16 billion a year on our criminal justice system. The lack of rehabilitation programs and training programs on the inside, limited diversionary options, and barely any supports to reintegrate into society means that we are failing the justice systems reform agenda, which is seeing our prison population skyrocket."

June Oscar AO, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission.

“I am able to use my experience and training to empower families and the next generation to achieve their full potential, addressing behavioural, learning and attendance issues across Kindergarten – Year 6. I strive to be a powerful advocate and voice for Aboriginal children and their families."

Maree Hutchinson, 2012 Recipient Maybanke Anderson Scholarship at Macquarie University now Aboriginal Education Officer at a school in Wauchope, Port Macquarie.

Maybanke Anderson Education Scholarship Graduation

The Maybanke Anderson Scholarship provides financial support for aspiring early childhood educators to help them finish their studies, qualify and return to work in their communities.

ABC News Lateline Report on RISE

“When I first came to RISE, I was very in my own world. I was extremely shy, and barely spoke much. Within three months, by just going to RISE three days a week, the community and our teacher really help me come out of my shell. I’m now a successful trainee in childcare, my dream job at the age of 15."

– Amelia, 15 year old student in RISE – Re-engagement with Learning Program co-designed by Sydney Community Foundation with Whitelion and the community of Claymore in the Sydney Macarthur Region.