Inspiring Your Giving 2020 presents almost $1 Million of priority projects responding to the needs of vulnerable women and diverse communities across Greater Sydney.

Covid-19: Balancing immediate & long-term relief

Covid-19 Update: Despite the current disruption, we will continue our efforts to raise funds for our 2020 Inspiring Your Giving programs outlined below. Some are continuing to be run remotely, though many are now on hold. They will be needed more than ever when the crisis abates.

In the meantime, we are also seeking donations to support our charity partners and their front line responses.

Please Be Kind Sydney and donate now to support innovative local change makers.

Every dollar makes a difference. 

Immediate Relief: Covid-19

Our job is to listen. The Covid-19 situation is evolving as is the impact on our local communities and how our charity partners respond and where immediate relief funds are needed now.

We are seeking tax deductible donations to assist.

Here is what we know so far.

  • Bankstown: CSS Village is working tirelessly to secure food and other supplies for those in need. Your donation will pay for food, delivery costs and ensuring safety equipment is available for volunteers dedicating their time to give help where it is needed most.

You can donate to support immediate food relief in Bankstown here.


Since 2008, Sydney Sydney Women’s Fund has been funding programs to support women and girls in Greater Sydney. The design and selection of projects here is a response to the findings of Sydney Women’s Fund’s Portrait III: Hopes, Fears and Dreams of Sydney Women.

• Overcoming Financial Vulnerability
• Ending Discrimination Against Women
• Education/Employment/Scholarships

Together, we’re breaking down barriers so women can successfully complete their studies and forge pathways to employment and financial independence. Financial Scholarships and mentoring for talented girls and young women facing disadvantage. 


Since 2014, our Place-Based Philanthropy program has given multi-year support to a network of charity partner “Hubs", thanks to the generous donors of Sydney Women’s Fund.

We continue to support the communities of Warwick Farm (Liverpool), Claymore (Campbelltown), Fairfield and now Bankstown.

Listening to local communities, we co-design with charity partners and support a range of proven programs and new pilot projects building social and economic resilience in postcodes of greatest need.  

We know supporting women builds stronger communities.



Youth Education forms a critical part of our Place-Based Philanthropy programs across Greater Sydney. Scholarships, safe spaces, alternative learning and assisting with mental health for our vulnerable young people at-risk who may not have strong family support.




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