Refugee, Migrant & Asylum Seekers

Refugee, Migrant & Asylum Seekers

Face to Face: Bringing Refugee Stories to Sydney

Creating community harmony and increasing awareness and understanding of refugees.

There is continuing evidence of intolerance of the cultural and religious practices of refugee students by teachers and peers. This is having a long-term negative impact on the settlement of many young refugees in NSW. Many report leaving school feeling marginalized.

Through Face to Face presentations at
schools, community groups and professional development activities, this project by Refugee Council of Australia, is building social cohesion; raise awareness about refugees, their journey, and contributions to Australia.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just $1,200 will enable a refugee speaker to attend a 2 day training program with Refugee Council of Australia

2020 New Project

Paws For Trauma

Working with animals, PAWS for Trauma assists refugee young people who have been traumatised, to manage anxiety and regulate negative emotions. These rescued animals reflect some of the emotions that refugee children are experiencing.

With the ability to mirror human body language, the animals provide metaphors and lessons about ourselves to help facilitate change.

Run by STARTTS NSW and supervised by their specialist clinical staff, small groups of young people (15 per group) spend time with animals living at Calmsley Hill City Farm.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just $1,000 helps equip a regional refugee youth group for a year with access to Paws for Trauma

2020 New Project

Early Pregnancy Grief Peer Support

Despite how common miscarriage is, (1 in 4 pregnancies will end in misscarriage in the first 12 weeks), the silence and stigma leave women feeling isolated and alone in their grief.

There is a gap in support and empathy for women and the risk to mental health is high. This Personalised Peer Support program by Pink Elephants Support Network provides targeted support, validating women in the grief of miscarriage and early pregnancy loss, significantly reducing the risk of mental health concerns and symptoms that can remain for three years post loss. Funding will help expand support women in disadvantaged and CALD communities.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just $1,200 will train 12 volunteer mentors to provide one on one grief support

2020 New Project

#Headstartt – Fairfield

Now in it’s fourth year, Headstartt brings refugee and migrant young people out of isolation and into a positive support network, attracting up to 100 young people aged 14-24 each week.

Headstartt in Fairfield offers homework club, Job club, TAFE sessions, exercise, art projects, resume writing and mental health support. Initiated in partnership with Parents’ Cafe Fairfield Inc., STARTTS NSW works with Sydney Community Foundation to deliver this program.

Young people are offered positive alternatives, and encouragement away from crime and provide for themselves and their families.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just $1,000 helps secure a highly trained youth worker to guide and mentor participants

Continuing Multi-year Program

Refugee Women’s Legal Support Service – Parramatta

Refugee women in Australia face cultural and linguistic challenges in presenting their cases. Some, like the Rohingya people, lack literacy in any language. These vulnerable women are not familiar with Australian laws and experience marginalisation and isolation. Many are traumatised due to persecution, conflict, forced displacement and family separation.

For asylum seeker and refugee women experiencing visa uncertainty and other legal issues like domestic violence or socio-economic disadvantage, they greatly benefit from theRefugee Advice and Casework Service who provide confidential legal and wrap around support in a safe, women only centre.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just $1,000 will give women access to a dedicated female lawyer to accompany them at department hearings and with writing legal submissions

2020 New Project

Ready for School – Asylum Seekers

Encouraging inclusion and alleviating social isolation by equipping children with the basics so they don’t stand out and are less likely to be judged by classmates, 49 families and 120 school-aged children from 95 nationalities will benefit from the project.

The Ready for School project is designed to improve the health, wellbeing and education of children of people seeking asylum. Newly arrived in Australia, Children have experienced disrupted schooling and trauma. Supporting equal access to education, the Asylum Seekers Centre helps families with little or no income with financial relief for school fees, uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and stationery.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just $2,000 ensures children seeking asylum can participate in school excursions and activities

2020 New Project

First we Eat: Vocation training – Newtown

The International Shift offers hospitality training for asylum seekers, refugees and new arrivals to Australia.

This project will provide 15 paid employment scholarships where trainees will learn and work at Parliament on King café and catering business.

Receiving professional mentoring, peer support and certification, trainees are ready for their first job, work placement or for further education in Australia.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just $1,000 will create 10 hours of training and 30 hours of work experience for 1 Asylum seeker or refugee participant

Continuing Multi-year Program

My First Job in Australia

Sydney Women's Fund, Sydney Youth Charity, Be Kind Sydney, Sydney Community Foundation, Whitelion,

A paid work-experience Retail Training project to employ 4 young western Sydney refugee women (aged 18-28).

Over 6-months they’ll learn invaluable customer service and work-skills at social enterprise The Social Outfit in Newtown.

Research has shown that getting a first job in Australia significantly increases future employability, particularly for young refugee women.

Designed to build financial literacy, social and economic particpation for refugee women.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just
$250 pays for a week’s paid work experience for a young woman from the refugee community

Continuing Multi-year Program

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