2016 Maybanke Lecture: ‘Women & Work’

/2016 Maybanke Lecture: ‘Women & Work’

2016 Maybanke Lecture: ‘Women & Work’

“80% of women don’t want to work for another woman." 

Watch yesterday’s Studio10 interview of Sydney Women’s Fund Founder and Patron Lucinda Brogden regarding her May 6, 2015 Maybanke  Fund Lecture topic – ‘Women and Work – A Crack in the Lens.’

Lucy found through her career coaching that 80% of Women didn’t want to work for another woman, she speaks about her observations and 60 years of Gallup research that supports her findings with the Studio10 team.

Each year, The Maybanke Fund hosts The Maybanke Lecture on or around May 6, commemorating the anniversary of Maybanke’s first public speech. The lectures continue to advocate the social change that Maybanke dedicated her life to achieving.

Learn more about The Maybanke Fund,  a sub-fund of Sydney Community Foundation

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