How these women learn & earn…

Did you know 80% of refugee women struggle to get
a job because they have no work experience?

Ethically made by 9 refugee and migrant women at The Social Outfit, you’ll love this Sydney Women’s Fund ‘Strong & Kind’ Tote bag.

Designed exclusively for Sydney Women’s Fund by Ginger & Smart.

A new ‘job readiness’ collaboration between Sydney Women’s Fund, Ginger/Smart, The Social Outfit, and you.

Together, we’re creating opportunities for women to thrive.

Only a limited number of SWF X Ginger & Smart ‘Strong & Kind’ Tote bags are available so order today to look good and feel great.

Available now for $169.00 incl. GST, plus postage. Click the button to order online, or to pay via bank transfer, email us for invoice to

Ginger & Smart Tote (Image: Ginger & Smart)

The Sydney Women’s Fund X Ginger & Smart Tote has been created by designers Genevieve and Alexandra Smart at the Ginger & Smart design studio in Sydney.

This timeless shopper tote has been crafted using upcycled materials from past iconic collections. By upcycling fabric and trims, Ginger & Smart aims to reduce landfill and avoid new manufacturing.

The combination of metallic woven materials, striped tapings, rose gold hardware and G&S logo printed satin lining form to create a signature, modern yet feminine tote that can be worn to work and into the weekend.

Each tote has been cleverly hand made by refugee and migrant women at the Social Outfit. Women are supported in their skill development by Ginger & Smart, The Social Outfit and Sydney Women’s Fund.

All Proceeds from the sale of this bag goes to the continuing support of this important initiative.

Dimensions of the tote are:

Genevieve Smart & Alexandra Smart (Image: SWF)

A collaborative employment project

Who made your Tote?

Meet the makers!

Shown here at The Social Outfit, learning practical skills and professional manufacturing techniques as part of this paid employment program.

Consider that many of these women carry the scars of torture and trauma and when you carry the ‘Strong & Kind’ message, you carry them forward too.

All proceeds from the ethically made, ‘Strong & Kind’ Tote designed by Ginger & Smart, will be reinvested to transform the lives of women and girls in Sydney.

Like these women! Having finished the Tote’s, they are now working making face masks for The Social Outfit.

Strong & Kind Scarf – Limited Edition

Sydney Women’s Fund Ginger & Smart

A special International Women’s Day collaboration, exclusive to Sydney Women’s Fund. 

Designed by Ginger & Smart, this exquisite scarf measuring 1m x 1m, is a statement piece.

It will bring joy with every wear for you and the women of Sydney.

An inspired gift, it will keep on giving with the full purchase price of $199 donated to support Sydney Women’s Fund.

“Sydney Women’s Fund is an incredible community of women from many industries supporting disadvantaged women in Sydney".
Genevieve & Alexandra Smart, Founders of Ginger & Smart

Choose between a bold blue on white background, or a soothing green on black.

Buy one to wear and one to share x 

Remember, all proceeds support Sydney Women’s Fund’s work creating opportunities for women and girls to thrive.

How it all began…

Sydney Women’s Fund (SWF), a sub-fund of Sydney Community Foundation, has a 10 year history of gender-lens granting and creating opportunities for Sydney women and girls to thrive.

That’s why six years ago, SWF initiated a “Women’s Refugee Sewing Circle” to help women arriving from Iraq and Syria get back on their feet with the Parents’ Cafe Fairfield Inc., recognised by the United Nations for its refugee resettlement program.

The program resonated so well with the women The Social Outfit was invited to offer TAFE recognised, beginner and advanced sewing courses.

IN 2018, Sydney Women’s Fund initiated a new partnership with Australian fashion label Ginger & Smart.

Founders, Genevieve and Alexandra Smart, designed a Tote bag in an inspiring ‘Strong & Kind’ print (pictured right).

In addition to covering the cost of materials, Ginger & Smart mentor the women, as they are guided step-by-step through the manufacturing process by The Social Outfit.

Working on industrial quality machines, the women gain invaluable experience, increasing their job prospects and employability in the Australian fashion manufacturing industry.

Each Tote purchase provides women opportunity, experience, and the confidence to strive for financial independence.

Remember, all proceeds from the ethically made, ‘Strong & Kind’ Tote sales, will be reinvested to transform the lives of women and girls in need in Sydney.

Original ‘Strong & Kind’ print Totes
available now, but stock is low.
Order yours today.

As seen in The Daily Telegraph, 31 May 2018 | Sydney Morning Herald | Vogue

A collaborative employment project partnership with: