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IWD2019 – Business Chicks

Business Chicks – International Women’s Day 2019

Once again Business Chicks gathered an enthusiastic crowd for their annual International Women’s Day celebration. With the theme ‘More powerful together: What it means to women today’ guests laughed, cried and gave a standing ovation for the speakers and their stories.

Generous as always, Business Chicks selected Sydney Women’s Fund as its charity partner for the Sydney event. All money raised from the raffle will be donated to support our 2019 priority project ‘Access to Empowerment‘.

Bringing together three inspiring speakers, highlights from the event include:

‘Women forget to stand in their power…that’s where you make better choices’
JoAnna Ferrari – Inspirational transgender, speaker, author

‘When women are in Parliament they do things for other women…There are so many major things that have happened in this country that is a result of women taking action.’ 
Anne Summers – Journalist and activist

‘You’re never too damaged to pursue what’s important.’
Sam Bloom – Adventurer, Athlete, Survivor

Business Chicks, Sydney Women's Fund, Joanna Ferrari, Anne Summers, Sam Bloom, Penguin Bloom, WAGEC

Our thanks to Business Chicks and their generous community for their continued support.

This year the funds will go toward our 2019 priority project ‘Access to Empowerment’. Run by WAGEC – Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre – this program works to improve the financial independence and emotional wellbeing of women experiencing homelessness and/or who are victims of domestic violence.

Plus, Business Chicks also donated the gift bags from the event, to WAGEC, sharing the 600 bags filled with products with women and girls newly arrived in Australia and escaping domestic violence.

Part of the Sydney Women’s Fund ‘SHELT(HER)’ program working to help disadvantaged women to overcome financial vulnerability.

Sydney Women’s Fund has been at the forefront of gender lens grantmaking to grassroots charities supporting women and girls across Greater Sydney area for over ten years now. Our programs are led by evidence base identified in our Portrait series. How well do you know Sydney Women?

Download a copy of our most recent Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait III Research here.

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