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Women Kind lifts off

Women Kind lifts off

“People can be very isolated, even in a bustling place like Bankstown," says Mona Mahamed. Founder of Community Support Services (CSS) Mona spoke at the re-launch of the Women Kind giving circle by Sydney Women’s Fund.

Thank you to Catherine Fox (pictured above) and Julia Quinn, founders of Women Kind, a new way for Sydney business women to connect with the work of Sydney Women’s Fund and local grassroots communities.

In 2020, Women Kind with Sydney Women’s Fund, aim to raise $65,000 to support a range of CSS Village programs.

“When we started to bring women together at CSS, the thing that connected them all was their isolation. Whether it was domestic violence, or were newly arrived, they all felt they were suffering alone," said Mona.

“I want to revive our village. Through sewing, cooking and art. I’m very very resourceful. With a sense that everything can have a purpose. We’re all volunteers here and I feel so nourished being with the women we support."

As well as strong educational outcomes, CSS Village supports over 200 volunteers a year which fosters mentorship and a a sense of belonging for everyone.

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