‘Women’s Work’ documentary launch at ASX

Women’s financial vulnerability is now firmly on the agenda for Sydney Women’s Fund.

For over a decade, Sydney Women’s Fund has been changing lives for vulnerable women, and now our evidence shows us with great clarity we need more focus on women’s financial security if we are to see more positive outcomes for our communities.

In time for International Women’s Day 2021, Sydney Women’s Fund launches a ground-breaking program –Women’s Work – addressing women’s financial vulnerability.

Launched by the Hon. Bronnie Taylor MLCNSW Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women at the (ASX) Australian Securities Exchange, this project is proudly funded by a NSW Government My Community Project grant for the Newtown Electorate.

From left: Lucy Brogden AM, Jane Jose, The Hon. Bronnie Taylor MLC, Max Cunningham (image: Neil Fenelon Photography via ASX).

“We have to have these conversations. We have to have them boldly.

“We have to have them, so we’re not afraid to do it.”

The Hon. Bronnie Taylor MLC
NSW Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women

Women’s Work creative team Benjamin Strum and Melissa Chan (right) pictured with (from left) Dr Louise Puslednik, Solai Valliappan, Tracey Spicer AM, Distinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt AO. (Image: Neil Fenelon Photography via ASX).

A program to tackle women’s financial vulnerability

Sydney Women’s Fund Women’s Work set out to better understand why our Portrait III research found nearly half of Sydney women are earning $34,000 or less.

Now, Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait III Research and the Women’s Work documentary tell us we need more women to be aware of their personal risk factors of financial vulnerability.

This is a community based education program and approach using engaging storytelling by local women and Australian women leaders.

Sydney Women’s Fund Women’s Work research tracks the impacts from when mum says ‘I wasn’t good at maths’ through to gender bias and discrimination at work. Attitudes to money impact across a woman’s lifecycle.

Watch Now: Episode 01 – “Women’s Worry"

Girls are more likely to suffer from ‘maths anxiety’ than boys. And this has huge ramifications later in life – we’re talking career trajectory, lower pay and confidence in all things finance. But how did we get here and what can we do about it?

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