“Women’s Work” Funding Success

Funding for ‘Women’s Work’

Thank you to NSW Government for the My Community Project Grant supporting the Sydney Women’s Fund Women’s Work – Financial Equity for Sydney Women  project.

Women’s Work will smash stereotypes, building digital connections to resources that facilitate the financial security and independence of Sydney women.

Thank you to the local Newtown Electorate residents who voted for this project as their preferred recipient for a NSW Government My Community Project grant.

We’re working with the local community to bring this project to life. 

Proudly funded by the NSW Government

Why Women’s Work?

If Sydney were 100 women

My biggest fear is having to work into my
70’s and struggling to find real long-term work
beyond contract or casual positions.

Last year, Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait III Research: Hopes, Dreams and Fears of Sydney Women, found almost half of Sydney women in paid employment earn less than $34K per year, and only 54% of women are in paid work. 

Underlying the struggle is inequity, as 40% of women become carers at the cost of work and security. 

#WomensWork campaign seeks to reshape local attitudes to gender equity, smash stereotypes and build digital connections to financial education for Sydney women.

Advocacy Research

How well do you know
Sydney Women?

Hopes Dreams and Fears of Sydney women

powerful and concerning
picture of the financial vulnerability of far too many Sydney women.

If you would like further information, media enquiries or to be involved in this project, please contact caroline.fonda@sydneycommunityfoundation.org.au


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